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Here's what people
have been saying about us:

Us Clients
Ontario Clients
Quebec Clients


US Clients

"The average member of our health club chain is a 45 year old, somewhat deconditioned woman. Seventy five women anticipated the arrival of Paul Danylwich, the expert of safety for women. They were not dissappointed.
Paul's low key attitude put our women at ease and as soon as he got them laughing, all the barriers were down and they eagerly participated in the demonstrations.
Within a short period of time all the participants had paired up and with Paul's instructions were thrwarting off the enemy. The group particularly appreciated Paul's candor and concern for women's safety and felt that he needed to come back at least once a year for a refresher course!"

Suzanne Polzin
Naturally Women Fitness Centers

"Thank you so much for providing our library patrons with the informative and enthusiastic presentation about womens personal safety. We continue to discuss about how influential your June program was regarding feelings of well-being in the community. Thank you for your professionalism and your attention for reducing the likelihood of victimization among our population".
Mary Ellen Bowman, Events Committee
Yorba Linda Public Library

"He gave (our students) information that will benefit them for the rest of their life"

Dale M. Earnhardt, Dean of Boarding
Life Pine Crest School
Fort Lauderdale, Flordia

"The message this group has to present is of great value to people of all ages, young and old, male and female".Martha Asselin, Student Affairs Schenectady
County Community College
Schenectady, New York

"I was impressed with your personal manner and the way you provided information to empower women, not add to their fears."
Louise C. Marks, Counselor
North Country Community College
Saranac Lake, New York

"Paul was an instant hit with the school nurses. By evidence of his evaluation results, the attendees were very pleased with his presentation. The NASN appreciated his professionalism and charismatic approach, and highly recommends him as a featured speaker".

Pat Roberts, Conference Coordinator
National Association of School Nurses
Scarborough, Maine

Ontario Clients

"..informative and educational.. I would recommend this program


Julie Dickson, Student Life Coordinator
Algonquin College
Ottawa, Ontario

"The scenarios were really good. I didn't know how to get out of these situations (beforehand)"
Chantal Guay, Senior
Char-Lan District High School
Williamstown, Ontario

"I'm so glad we signed up. It's really a great course and I wish I had taken it years ago.I'm glad my daughter has this opportunity".
Linda Iarrera
Thomson Nelson Learning

Quebec Clients

" ...Highly professional instructors that were well versed in all aspects of self defense. Their pedagogical approach was perfectly attuned to the level of interest and attention of the adolescents they worked with... I would recommend them highly..."
Liz Joyce, Teacher
Bishop Whelan High School
Lachine, Quebec

"this kind of information is extremely useful to senior students and made them think about various dangerous situations which they may routinely get into with thinking. If your workshop helps prevent even one girl from getting into a dangerous situation which we read about so frequently in the newspapers, then you will have performed a very valuable service for our community."
Brian Wrench, Guidance Counselor
West Island College
Dollard Des Ormeaux, Quebec

"Given the increase of sexual assaults among adolescents, the content of the workshop was beneficial. Many of our female students who had attended felt the workshop was an awakening for them".

Tom Conti, Guidance Counselor
Argyle Academy
Verdun, Quebec

"As a moral education teacher for all the grade 11 classes, I appreciated the insight you were able to pass on to the students, based on experience and up-to date knowledge."

Peter Burman, Social Science Dept
Western Laval High School
Laval, Quebec

"The students were receptive to the material and your presentation was key to the success of the event. It addressed an issue, and a problem, that is becoming increasingly prevalent and filled a need, education, for our students."
L Varden, Principal
Hudson High School
Hudson, Quebec

"Paul is a very dynamic and animated speaker who holds the audiences' attention throughout his performance"

Kathie Murphy
Promotion Director
Lite Rock Q 92 FM
Montreal, QC

"Let's Talk" endorses Paul Henry Danylewich and the White Tiger organization for their outstanding work in personal safety education"
Cindy Aikman, Co President
First Born Productions
Montreal, QC