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Here I am in Plattsburgh, New York. This little northern New York town with a population of about 20,000 holds a very special place in my heart. Plattsburgh is just about an hours drive from Montreal.

As a child, my grandmother use to bring me along on her weekend shopping getaways to K-Mart and Zayre's. I remember staying at the Days Inn when it first opened, eating dinner at Bonanza Restaurant or Sambo's on Cornelia Street. That was a while ago, back when the Air Force base was in full service.

When I was older, I visited "the burgh" regularly with my high school buddies Lorne, Ian and Ary. We were always driving down on hot summer weekends to swim in the lake at the city beach or to check out the Champion factory outlit store, Mothers, and that old second hand bookshop on Margaret Street known as Corner-Stone Bookshop ( which is still there www.cornerstonebookshop.biz ) . Listening to " The Buzz " (www.999thebuzz.com) staying at some of those not so nice motels on old Hwy 9... Plattsburgh is also home to the closest Taco Bell for anyone in Montreal that has that taco- craving...

I can still remember walking through the parking lot of the old Pyramid Mall and hearing those B-52's fly overhead.

Plattsburgh Family YMCA
Paul in Platts
Because of the base, you could meet people from all over the US. Plattsburgh Air Force Base was closed in September 1995 as part of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act legislation. PAFB was in operation from the 1800s through 1995.

It's always a pleasure to return to Plattsburgh... a big thank-you to Beekmantown High School, Girl Scouts of the North Country Council, and the Plattsburgh YMCA for bringing me back to the region.

Women's Self-Defense Expert in Plattsburgh


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In 1984 the city was awarded the first-ever American team in the QMJHL, called the Plattsburgh Pioneers and featuring an all-American roster. However, the team was a failure on and off the ice, and folded after 17 games. The only other US-based team in the league is Lewsiton MAINEiacs

Plattsburgh was home to Michael P. Anderson, one of the seven astronauts who died in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in February 2003

Eric Harris, one of the two shooters at Columbine High School in Colorado also lived in Plattsburgh. His father, Wayne Harris, was a United States Air Force transport pilot. The Harris family moved to the Littleton area in July 1993, when Wayne retired from the military.

Plattsburgh City Beach is the largest fresh water beach in the United States

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