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Me and Tracy Kornet, host of KNXV's "Sonoran Living" in Phoenix, Arizona. The photo was taken just after the taping the episode. During the interview with Tracy, I made reference to the fact that I want to teach women to think defensively and I made a comparsion to driving defensively. I stated that we all learn to drive defensively, and allow a few car lenghts between us and the car in front of us when driving on the highway because we never know when someone might just suddenly brake to avoid hitting a squirrel that might be crossing the road. Tracy commented "You're not from around here are you?" It took me two weeks to figure out that squirrels, although they do exist in Southern Arizona, are somewhat rare in this climate. You can visit Sonoran Living and even watch the show on line at http://www.sonoranliving.com/

Sonoran Living