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Author tours can be fun and adventurous. Almost everyone that I know understands my special admiration for the hot desert sun. Perhaps that is due to the fact that I am a born and raised Canadian. Anyhow, it doesn't get much better, or hotter, than this. Here I am in a place called Gila Bend, Arizona (that is pronounced "heela" for all you Northerners). It is known as
one of the hottest spots in the the United States. Located in the middle of Sororan Desert between Phoenix and Yuma, Gila Bend often challenges Phoenix for the hottest spot in the US. On this particular July afternoon it did beat Phoenix. It was 118 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. Yes that's right for all you Canucks, that works out to about 48 degrees Celsius. Hot enough for Canadians to just melt away right there in the desert sand.

Phoenix News Article