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Organizing a program may take some time and preparation, but will be considered part of your extra curricular activities. You may wish to involve students to increase their interest and ownership of the program. It will also be helpful for you to delegate some of your responsibilities to interested and responsible students.

A workshop can take many forms from one to several hours. The basic course is 5 - 6 hours long. It can be integrated into a class like physical education, or many of the new programs outlined by the Ministry of Education, it can also be a lunch time activity or an after school program, some schools have even chosen to make it a weekend activity. Our instructors are quite flexible. You decide!

Location / Room: There is no limit to the number of participants for any of our programs. We use a 15:1 student / instructor ratio (12:1 student / teacher ratio with girls ages 11 – 13). As long as the space can accommodate the group size there is no problem. Here are some rough size dimensions and the number of participants it can accommodate
20 participants min 25’ x 25‘ area 30 participants, min 35’ x 35’ area

The room, ideally, should be private and closed to traffic in the building. The room should be cleared of all furniture and obstacles and should be all on one level. The floor/carpet should be clean. Room temperature should, ideally be at about 65 degrees

Courses and workshops have been held in school classrooms, school lunch rooms, gyms, church basements, synagogues, meeting rooms, union halls, community centers, and more.

Planning timeline: Begin to plan the organization of a course or workshop 3 or 4 weeks prior to the desired start date.
• Week 4: Book the location, dates and times.
• Week 4: Publicize the event
• Week 4: Register women. Continue to advertise
• Week 3: Take in all checks, arrange for floor mats to be in the room(if applicable)
• Week 2: Confirm location and event. Continue to advertise
• Week 1: Confirm participants

Publicity: The more ways you advertise, the more girls you will reach. Be sure to post posters on the inside of girl’s bathroom doors, hallways. Be sure to –re-post these posters if needed.




News: Remember the students do not know anything about the course and it is up to you to drum up interest in your school. You can do this in several ways. Posters, daily bulletin announcements, school newspaper, parent newsletter etc…You may want to ask the newsletter editors if they would like to receive a submission or if they would like to interview the instructor in person or by telephone themselves.

Registration Once the word is out and students are well aware of the time and place of registration there are some points to know in order to have a successful registration Delegate a few students to help with the sign up. Have them prepared to take down the students name grade level, and home room (in order for you to contact them quickly and easily if need be) Be prepared to talk with interested girls and to hand out flyers with information for them and their parents. Also be prepared to approach girls who seem interested but hesitant.

We strongly recommend that you have students prepay. They are much more likely to attend than girls who do not. Make it clear when payments are due and how they are expected to pay.



Refund Policy: We suggest that withdrawal date of 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. No refunds after that date. Establish a policy prior to registration.

Payment plan for school; We require no deposit for most local clients, payment due 30 days after the event. In this case, the school or school board is paying the total sum. It is possible that each student is paying their full or partial share of the cost directly to the school or organization. The school or organization then pays us directly. In this case, schools will collect cheques or cash directly from participants, this means that the students’ cheques should be made payable to the school. The school then makes one cheque payable to The White Tiger Group. In this case all money should be paid prior or no later then the end of the program or on the program date.

Payment plan for students: Some schools will require that students make cheques payable directly to us The White Tiger Group. In this case all fees are required on prior to the start of the event, or on the first day of the program.

Note: Many schools will have a budget that they can use to pay part or all of the students cost, speak to your administration to find out if this is a possibility for your students.

Confirmation of the Course or Workshop: One week prior to the start date give a reminder announcement to the exact location of the class. Confirm dates and times of the course. Ask each student to arrive 10 minutes early, wearing loose comfortable clothing and running shoes – and do not wear jewelry.. We encourage women to bring water to drink, as well as paper and pen to make notes.

School Administration: If you are a teacher attempting to organize a self-defense program at your school, it is likely that the principal will ask you for a brief or proposal.


Cost: Cost varies, we can not list a fee schedule since we services clients from all over North America. Please contact us for a price quote. 1-877-685-8880

Fundraising: Do not overlook the possibility of applying to corporations, service groups or the government for financial assistance with the course. Depending on the priorities of the organization, they may be willing to offer space, advertising, photocopying, transportation costs, subsidies for a specific group of women (students, seniors, single mothers). This of course takes advanced planning and coordination. Schools may find funding from the principal, home and school associations, parents associations.

First Nation Communities may find funding from Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Women’s groups may find funding from Crime Prevention / Canada Justice Department

Also consider approaching Canada Council for the Arts, since our director is a published author with University of Toronto Press, funds may be available for an author visit.