A specialized seminar to help reduce violent episodes in high -risk work environments. Each seminar option is custom designed to meet the needs of your organization

(supplemental program for in-flight safety training)

Paul Henry Danylewich & The White Tiger Group
Consultants in Personal Safety & Assault Prevention
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The central goal of this 2 - 3 hour seminar is to better equip your staff to recognize and address aggressive, potentially dangerous behavior in the workplace. Essentially, this safety seminar that is broken down into two segments: prevention and intervention:

1) Prevention - The prevention segment focuses on safety planning, office design as well as recognizing and de-fusing a potentially dangerous situation. Employees have an opportunity to experience our reality based training style in role-play scenarios of dangerous situations in a safe environment. They are coached on how to interact and position themselves with a hostile individual.
2) Intervention - The second part of this seminar is centered on intervention and escape. It provides employees with simple yet effective physical techniques to allow them to escape from violent encounters (i.e., what to do if the aggressor grabs your wrist, your neck, your shirt). The seminar also provides realistic defenses for more violent confrontations (i.e., what to do if he knocks you to the ground and begins to choke you or kick at you).

Participants in this program are introduced to a series of role-play scenarios involving aggressive individuals. They are coached on how to use de-escalation strategies to help reduce the risk of a violent episode. Participants also learn about the range of safeguards that can be implemented at the workplace and how to use them in a potential crisis situation. Personal safety techniques are also introduced so that participants are able to defend against and escape from basic physical attacks. This seminar is an ideal prevention tool for any organization that deals with the public.

Most of our corporate participants report that they have found these personal safety skills useful in their personal as well as professional life. I would be happy to send you bio information and references upon request. Since 1994, The White Tiger Group has trained thousands. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your organization in the future and, once again, thank you for your interest.



You are a caseworker at a social service agency. A client demands to see you about a reduction in his monthly welfare check. He appears upset. As you go over the file with him, he becomes verbally aggressive calling you names and asks "Why are you doing this to me?" Why are you messing with me, maybe I'm going mess with you…" He begins yelling at you, he gets out of his seat and moves toward you. There is no one else in your office area
What would you do?

You are a teacher at a suburban elementary school. You decide to notify child welfare when one of notice one of your students with bruises across her back. The following day as you are leaving school after work, the girl's estranged father approaches you in the school parking lot. He is clearly upset and begins telling you that you have no business budding in to what happened in his home. He may loose control at any moment and you are alone with him in the parking lot.
What would you do?

You are a bank teller working alone in the branch when suddenly a man claiming to be a client enters the bank. The man is clearly unstable and demands that you give him the remaining $50 in his savings account. He instructs you that he wants to close the account. You search for his account with the information that he has given, but can not seem to locate any account. There must be a mistake. You ask him if he is certain about having an account at your branch. Your comments agitate the man. At first he seems confused, then he becomes angry with you. He begins screaming at you for stealing his money.
What would you do?

Participants in this specialized workshop learn the following:

- Early recognition and response skills to potentially violent incidents
- Crisis communication and emergency planning
- Scenario training with an emphasis on personal safety (verbal and physical skills coaching)
- Defusing tactics with an emphasis on personal safety
- Defensive tactics training to counter basic grabs, chokes, strikes and more
- Techniques to help escape, defend against and control a violent individual…

Please contact us for cost details
Client pays travel costs
Seminar length: 2 and 3 hour options
Group sizes not to exceed 40 participants per seminar
Minimum number of participants required for seminar is negotiable

"Your Presentation was both informative and entertaining. You kept everyone's attention making sure that no one missed any important information. I would recommend your program and style to any group or organization looking to provide the knowledge necessary to protect their people"
A Piscopo, Director of Safety
Mascoma Savings Bank, Lebanon, New Hampshire

"Paul was an instant hit with the nurses. The NASN appreciated his professionalism and charismatic approach and highly recommends him as a featured speaker."
Pat Roberts, Conference Planner 33rd annual conference
National Association of School Nurses, Scarborough, Maine

"We really enjoyed your self-defense presentation. It was the talk of the day in the bank. We believe the information you presented will benefit our employees for a long time to come"
H M Wright, Ass. Vice President - Human Resources
Sugar River Savings Bank Corp., Newport, New Hampshire

Your mix of humor and seriousness made it very easy to remember the points you were making - very positive content and speaker presentation full of wonderful and valuable information…"
Pamela S Hagele, RN BSN
New York Association of School Nurses
Tarrytown, New York