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Stairs or Elevator

Always take the elevator instead of the stairs. Stairwells are horrible places to be alone. They are often fire- proof. This means that they are likely sound – proof as well.

Do not get on an elevator if there is a weirdo already on there (of course bad men don't always look bad). Do not stand back in the corners of the elevator, be near the front, by the doors, ready to get off or on. If you get on the elevator on the 25th floor, and the Bad Man gets on the 22nd, get off when he gets on. If you are attacked in the elevator do not press that reed emergency button. Most of the time it cause an alarm bell to ring but it immediately stops the elevaor between floors with the door shut closed. You could be trapping yourself in the elevator with the assailant. Rather, try to hit as many floor buttons as you can. Doing so increases the likelihood of you escaping, or attracting attention to your situation