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Credit Cards

Be smart - don't let anyone pull a fast one. Check to see you've been given back your card once you've paid for what you bought.

You've got to be smart if you shop by phone. Get the facts. Make sure the guy on the phone is legit. And if you have a question, ask before giving your credit card number to anyone.
Watch your credit card slip being filled out - and make sure it's not passed through the machine more than once. Ask for your carbons.
Destroy the carbons, but keep your credit card receipts and check them against monthly bills.
Destroy every credit card that's out of date. Cut it in half. Throw it away. Get rid of it.
Make a list of your major credit cards, their account numbers and the phone numbers to call if cards are lost.
If you get ripped off, or just lose track of any credit card, call your bank fast.

If you can select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access an automated teller machine, stay away from your date of birth, social security number or address. If you lose your wallet with your card in it, these are the first ones a criminal would try. Use something personal, like an old address or a friend's birthday that you can remember easily and doesn't appear on any credit cards you carry. Don't write your PIN on the bank card or on a slip of paper in your wallet.