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Home Invasion

Home invasion is a traumatic, dangerous event. It is impossible to stop each and every incident. However, being prepared may allow you to avoid one, or even more important, survive.
  • When answering the door, always check ID's first before you open it. If you have a window close by, talk to the person through the window. Remember, once you open the door, you have compromised your security.
  • Always lock your doors and windows even when you are home.
  • Install a peephole in your entrance door to ID anyone at the door.
  • Teach your children, babysitter safety risks about answering the phone or door.
  • Keep a pen and pad near your front door. If you see a suspicious person or vehicle write the information down and call the police.
  • Rehearse with your family what to do. If you hear an unusual noise in the middle of the night like breaking glass or someone moving around, call the police. If you are alone, lock your bedroom door. Keep your cell phone in your bedroom.
  • Keep an eye on your neighbors. Remember, no one knows the routines of your neighbors like residents.
Use common sense and rely on your intuition. If something seems suspicious, don't rationalize, call the police.