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Planning a vacation

* Have a friend or neighbor pick up the mail and newspaper and leave them with an emergency number if something should happen so they can reach you.
* Be sure all of your doors, windows and gates are locked when you leave.
* Make sure someone is checking the house.
* Make arrangements to have the lawn cut and the garbage put out.
* Have timers set up to turn on lights, TV and radios at random times throughout the day to make the home look and sound lived in.
* Use a motion sensor light for an outside light to make the home appear occupied.
* Stop all deliveries.
* Move valuables and small appliances so they can’t be seen from a window. Put valuables such as jewelry, large sums of cash, documents in a safe deposit box.
* Manually lock your garage door from the inside and disengage your electronic device, this eliminates the possibility of thieves entering with garage door decoders.